November 2nd 2020

We have 6 members in our team and David Hannaford as our teacher. We meet once a week, every Monday. We aim to make and programme a robot to do multiple tasks, such as for it cross a custom built course and to also perform line following and multiple other tasks for the Pi Wars at home competition. The parts we will be using are: 

  • Raspberry Pi 4b with 8Gb of RAM 
  • Adeept motor shield v2_0  

We will also use infrared reflection sensors and ultrasonic sensors to for line following and measuring distance. 

Currently we are designing a chassis, to see where our batteries and motors and other parts will fit.  

Welcome to KES school Robot club Blog

This blog is where we will share information about our entries for Pi Wars

We have entered the Pi wars competitions twice previously

This year we hope to completely upgrade our robot with the latest Pi, a new chassis and a new pi hat with the motor driver

links to information pages below:

Team activities       KESbot electronics       Pi pin assignments

Using PWM to drive motors         Sensors

Remote Control         Python coding for robots